Behind The Scenes
All black. Everything.
20 Sep 2016

Superb craftsmanship. Check. High-end materials. Check. Premium quality. Check. Ticking all the right boxes, Zign STUDIO hails as the cooler, contemporary and somewhat cultivated sibling to Zign’s usual core collection.

Inspired by the city from which it was created, Zign STUDIO celebrates the Berlin ideal of clean-cut edges, sharp silhouettes and pure minimalism. Showcasing each of its featured models and their correlating shoe in artistic harmony; it’s obvious that Zign STUDIO’s autumn/winter 16-17 campaign debut and overall collection makes for a clear progression over the ‘imperfect-perfect’ portrayed throughout Zign Traces.
Find the complete Zign STUDIO campaign here and follow @zign using the hashtags #zigntraces and #zignSTUDIO.

Other News
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